Facereading around the world!

I like to share this overwhelming feedback from Debra, from Tasmania:

I received a Face Reading from Petra. It was a really fascinating experience. By looking at my face for a few minutes Petra was able to describe my personality extremely accurately and give details of how I respond to situations like meeting new people, in intimate relationships, and emotions.

Petra described a career role that was exactly what I do. She said I’d probably been a teacher all my life. Being an open and giving person, Petra cautioned me not to give away too much and forget to care for myself. She admitted she believed I had good balance right now but that it was something I needed to be aware of in future as when I became imbalanced it would be a difficult process to return to balance again.

I am a bit of a mixture of openness and privacy. I believe she captured this very well and was able to discern how this played out in my life. She described me as being creative, individualistic, independent with a lot of spirit…but not a risk taker and liking rules and order. She was able to describe how this plays out differently in my private and public life as well as in my work. She explained how I tend to observe potential new friends and be a bit cautious and come across as standoffish. I am! But when I’m ready I’ll make close connections. Petra said those I trust I am extremely open with, but I’m very discerning in who I confide in. Yes!

Petra also gave me suggestions on how 2018 was going to play out for me. Petra also gave me really helpful suggestions on where my learning lay on a soul level and in my current incarnation.

Petra told me that finding meaning, purpose or an idea of what life is is my main purpose in my life. She suggested I didn’t need to make this my obsession but to allow it to unfold. She suggested I find my own values, and to decide what I want to spread in the world. She encouraged me to teach what’s inside. Petra encouraged me to tap into my feminine power and to allow my wildness to be expressed more. Great advice I will use as we step into 2018.

This Face Reading was a really helpful and validating experience. Thank you Petra!

Love & Light, Debra