Your Face Reading

Face Reading – is an ancient, worldwide, but especially Chinese and Indian science. The eyes, our nose, our mouth and their arrangement in our face – everything has a meaning. Talents and personal strengths, illnesses and emotions can be read.

Face Reading for you

face reading

That’s what I do: I read your face.

What you experience here is a new perspective on yourself. You understand yourself, your feelings and your actions better. Incidentally, you can meet with humor through this new knowledge.

Face Reading – the ancient science of analyzing a person character based on their facial features – such as narrow eyes, the shape of their noses and eyebrows – everything has a meaning. Facial features and personality traits – as gifts and talents can read in your face.

That’s what I’m doing: I study your face and read the clues.

Face Reading can give you a general idea about yourself. Through reading you can better understand yourself, and accept your inner feelings. And you can look at your actions with more humor and joy.

Facereading for teams and in business

This current method can be used well in the business, especially to build a team or to use the potential of the employees. If I can “read” my counterpart, that is, knows what this person values ​​or how his personality is “knitted”, I can better assess him and the collaboration becomes easier.

I can better assess the conversation partner.
Facereading allows me to read face to face, whether someone is a team player, a leader or rather someone who works better alone. I recognize the potential of people, their strengths and weaknesses, the nature of communication. With this professional support, employees can find the right job in their company. I can better respond to customers if I can more easily identify what they value.

Face reading in the maturing process

Face Reading

Using Face Reading in the Maturity Process
As we get older and observe the changes in our bodies, especially in the face, we are confronted with what we often call the loss of beauty.

Face Reading

shows you a bigger perspective and you get to know the meaning of wrinkles and
their acceptance.
The connection of your inner feeling and how it is outwardly clears you. You want to be open! 
Your wrinkles and scars on your face mean that you are stronger than what you drew.

Love your face – it’s yours!

Use Face Reading during the aging process
While growing older our face goes through many changes and sometimes it is not easy to accept it. Face Reading gives you a perspective. You learn the meaning of wrinkles, their acceptance and the connection between your inner and outer self.

I support you to see your beauty while growing older!
I can see in your face what makes you special! Your wrinkles and scars in your face is just a roof that you have been to.

Face Reading for Couples

Face Reading

Face Reading for Couples
Through Face Reading, couples can get to know differences, develop a greater understanding of the loved one’s personality, and respond to their differences with greater openness.

It opens up new opportunities for your partnership.

Face Reading for couples
Couples can use Face Reading as a chance to understand the behavior and habits of your loved one. You want to accept the personality of your partner more easily. You want to be more at peace with your partner’s actions and feelings.

Face Reading can open up new possibilities for your relationship.


Face reading price:

Personality  $110

Personality+talents $163

Personality+talents+life purpose $206

Reading for couples $410

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2h Facereading im Business: $295 on demand