Face Reading

Finding inner growing

through ancient 

knowledge and deep wisdom

I am Petra

Face Reading found me – that is usually my answer to the question, how I became a face reader. I was always drawn to inner growing as well as to have practical experiences in my life. Meeting new people, traveling, being active and having fun on a deeper level – all that belongs to me. 

I am living a normal life as we all do, with ups and downs and the same time I am open to the “bigger picture” in life. I love new beginnings, I am creative, I like adventures and I realize my dreams. Like Face Reading: It was too interesting to hesitate to study it.

I got in touch with Mantras many years back; they belong to my life ever since and are a very meaningful part of my daily meditation practice. And they are just nice to listen to: I love their sound. I can´t imagine my life anymore without these two wonderful teachings.
You are invited to join in.
Petra Leimbach

People. Faces. Mantras.

What readers say...

This book takes you to the world of face reading and connects you with Mantras. After reading it, you would like to learn more about both sciences. In her heartproject- that´s how she names it- that a face holds a lot of information additionally to the fact that we find eyes, mouth and nose in every face. I got fascinated and curious to learn now more about people in front of me- and to dive in into the world of Mantras.

Diana Pechliwanoff

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